2.Moana. As the Disney princess movies suggest, one of the most surprising results of this analysis is that men have more lines than women even in movies that are about women or made primarily for a … One of the most successful Disney movies in recent years, Moana, is one which hasn’t strayed too far from its historical roots.Rather than being pure fiction, the movie is based on ancient Hawaiian, Mangarevan, Tahitian, Tongan, Samoan, and Polynesian mythology and in particular the figure of Maui. Having issues watching Disney+? Brigham Young University family life professor Sarah M. Coyne conducted a study with 198 preschoolers, both male and female, to rank their interaction with Disney Princess culture-- including toys and movies -- and how that affected their behavior … Anna and Elsa's story isn't about finding their spouses, but rather about finding each other. Researchers have discovered a major problem with "The Little Mermaid" and other Disney movies. After all, the company has its roots with a princess movie, and some of its more recent animated blockbusters tend to star princesses… The most prevalent characteristic of Disney’s three original princesses (Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty) is that they spend much of their movies as damsels in distress, waiting to be saved by men. The researches found that 96% of girls and 87% of boys had viewed Disney princess media, and more than 61% of girls played with princess toys at least once a … The Problem with Disney Films. Troubleshoot top problems: supported devices, downloads, concurrent streams, login issues, error messages, 4K, subtitles. The concepts of true love and finding Prince Charming smothered the rest of the narrative. Past Princess movies were predominantly romance-driven, a hallmark of Disney's traditional stories. We’re sure you loved the Disney Princess movies more than you loved all of the aforementioned '90s trends (as did everyone with a soul), but unfortunately, there’s a dark side to our beloved princesses that no one ever really talks about. (Disney) To modern eyes, the classic trio of Disney princess films -- released in … It wasn’t until 1989 that Disney debuted The Little Mermaid ‘s Ariel, a princess less passive and more defiant. Beauty and the Backlash: Disney’s Modern Princess Problem ... employees who managed Walt Disney Co. ’s princess characters gathered to watch an extended scene from an unreleased movie. They were all a tad mentally unhinged. There’s no denying that princesses are popular with Disney. The most recent effort by Disney to tell the story of a princess navigating her way through life's difficulties is the movie 'Frozen'.